Le Griffonnier

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My poems cover many different themes, styles and topics.
I have enjoyed writing them.
I hope you enjoy reading them.


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Poem of the Week

A Noisy Silence

Turn on the TV
Listen to your radio
Browse the world wide web.
Tell me what do you hear?
Every day
Words come tumbling
From the mouths of fools
But a noisy silence is all we hear.

Words with no meaning
Words without thought
No prep, no planning,
A waterfall of words
Drowning our senses
The whitest of white noise
A noisy angry silence
Destroying our defences.

Leaders pontificate nonsense phrases
Answer questions that no one asked
But we don't follow if they cannot lead
We do not hear their call.
The noisy silence is all we have
Noisy angry silence - will they ever learn
If you have nothing to say
Better to say nothing at all.

Donald James Dolby © 2021

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